Monday, July 29, 2013


Sometimes life becomes so difficult, so hard, so painful........we think the worst, we question the value of living, sometimes we act on those thoughts.  I talked with a student today, who had been in that darkest of places.  The light of love has to shine extra bright to those in the dark, who think the world would be better off with out them.

You have to remember that your life touches people you don't even know or remember.......your experience,
can save and/or guide someone else out of the darkness.  Each of us is so unique, our life experience so valuable, we can't willingly end the life of who we are......we have to understand, a life of important that we give, that we serve, that we are there to lead those who come behind us.

Depression and the desire to end one's life........that is the darkest of the nights, the most painful of is the cry that is often heard too doesn't have to be that way.  Love is the light, feeling/being needed fuels the light to shine even brighter and a helping hand has to be given.

I reminded my student today, that his life, his experiences, his love.....was needed by so many.  His life could help so many others......he knows, and he is working toward leaving the will not be an easy some ways leaving the darkness will be harder than entering the light, after all the darkness offers a false sense of comfort.  But, he is brave and strong and the will to live, the will to love is starting to surface.

I think there are many that struggle so desperately with that darkness......maybe they think they have no options, no hope, no light.  It is complicated, and a slippery path, but it is possible......with help, and with love......the light is always there......the eyes and the heart have to open......a helping hand given.


  1. My good friend's son committed suicide and it is heart-wrenching. He felt the world would be better without him. His passing left a huge, gaping hole. Great message, Jilda- xo Diana

  2. Beautifully worded. Thank you.