Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Rainy Sunday

"Millions long for immortality who do not know what to do with themselves on a rainy Sunday afternoon." - Susan Ertz

When I read this quote this morning, I was struck by its truth.
These words describe many of the students that I have taught through the years, these words describe me at some places in my life, they probably describe most of us at some point or another.

One of my students had a lengthy conversation with me before class today, about the present, about living in the now.  He said for the first time in many years, he could sit on the porch and rock.......and be happy, just rocking. This young man has reached a turning point in his life.....he's ready for a new path.

This coming Sunday, if it rained all afternoon.........would you wish away the rain.......or you would enjoy it?


  1. We've had so much of it this year, but I'm going to say I would just sit back and enjoy it. Learning to dance in the rain is not always easy!

  2. I don't even have time to long for immortality, but this quote made me smile.

  3. I loved this quote when I read it too. I don't have any problem with finding what to do with myself on a rainy Sunday afternoon, most of them involving my favorite reading chair. It sits in front of a window looking over the garden and I love sitting in it while it's raining or better yet snowing.

    I'm glad about the young man reaching this turning point in his life. Blessings to him.