Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Treatment #18

Treatment, my how time flies.......a very long day.....doc, lab, treatment.
Spending the day with chair buddies, sharing time in those big green chairs, comparing drip time.....watching the nurses orchestrate the sticks, the drips and everything in between.
Good news, my numbers are up.

Achy, and head hurts, weak and bed will feel so good tonight.
We laughed a lot today, there was a joyful noise in the fusion room and this afternoon the sun actually shone through the windows.

Interesting information today.....a black box warning has been issued for the clear life sustaining gel I get every month.  Honestly, it seems most medicines have that warning  on them now.  Yin and yang even in medicine.

It is a strange bond, sitting in those big green chairs......a weird brother/sisterhood......a common thread that weaves together people who would probably never have met under any other circumstances. It is a feeling of family, of sharing hope, despair, laughter and tears. I am changed forever because of those big green chairs.....I am grateful for all of those I have met, who have sat beside me, for those caregivers who work so matter where this path takes me, I am grateful......and I know oh so well, it could always be worse.


  1. I'm glad about the good news that your numbers are going up. Every medicine I've had to take has some warning on it and the bad side effects are as long as my arm. My daughter has a doctorate in Chemistry and says that every medicine has a kind good and bad side to it like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hide.


  2. Sometimes the drugs needed seem worse than the disease they are treating. I'm so glad you have an improvement in your numbers! I hope one day soon you won't be in those green chairs. I think your health habits...and doing yoga helps in so many ways. Your ability to see the bright side of all this is amazing.