Monday, February 21, 2011

Will Travel

Yes, I have changed my photo! Rick took this one Saturday afternoon before we left for our gig......and I thought wow,
that should be my blog here it is!
I am loving guitar. Not nearly as good as I want to be, but working in that direction.
Playing guitar has helped my phrasing and tonal quality is much better, I make the songs mine now......
I own them when I play.

We have a room full of guitars, it is so much fun to just pick one, and feel the music come. Guitars are like people, they have distinct personalities, and moods......and they take on your feelings as well.

This is a short post tonight, I have taught four classes back to back, fatigue is hitting hard. Blackie Bear,(the lab/chow mix) knows I am tired, he won't let me out of his sight.
I think it is time to tell you all goodnight, it is time to say goodnight to the guitars as well. We'll play a lot tomorrow.
Have guitar, will travel. Coming to a coffee house in your neighborhood soon!


  1. Love the new picture! Beautiful and you look so very happy.

  2. A wonderful picture, thank you for sharing. And I know what you mean about guitars, my husbands owns two (OK not as much as you do! but still ...) and he treats them with care, love and respect. So sorry I can't hear you sing!

  3. How I wish Jilda...I would be front and in hand!
    Great photo.

  4. I love the photo..I have a soft spot for the guitar as my son plays and so does my Granddaughter...I love to listen to them! My Father also played guitar and we always had his love of song in our home. Unfortunatly I'm not so blessed with talent, but I am blessed with appreciation of it!