Sunday, February 20, 2011

These Dreams

My dreams have taken some strange twists the past few nights........I have dreamed of people that I don't know. In my dreams they were real, friends of friends, and they took place in dreamscapes that I have visited many times before.

Last night, I was in a seaside town that has been in my dreams many times. This is not your usual Gulf Coast seaside is more European, nestled on a river that runs into the sea. I was alone, walking along side the river, headed for the sea. A young man with a dog stopped me, told me that our mutual friend had sent him......we walked into town, and there I met a whole group of friends of my "real" friend. It was actually a wonderful dream, everyone was laughing, eating,playing music
just a warm homey feel. This seaside town is one of my favorite dreamscapes, and it always involves friendly people that know me.....but I don't know or remember them. Maybe it is my other life.

I am fascinated by dreams. As a child I had nightmares almost younger brother
had night terrors, along with sleep walking. I think dreams can be therapeutic, and help guide and direct us in our lives. I believe we can use our dreams to help solve our problems.
I think dreams can help us heal, they connect our conscious and unconscious and let us see more clearly what we can't face in daily life. I know how terrifying nightmares can be, how real they can seem.

I have recurring dreams that I have had for most of my is this beautiful pale green waterfall. The water flows from rock, and it is the color of a soft translucent aquamarine. At the bottom of the falls, the water pools and it is crystal clear. This dream gives me incredible peace every time I dream it. It is one of those that I wish I could experience every night.

So these dreams I am dreaming of friend's friends, they have been really fun......I have to admit,
my friends have some great friends! The shocker will be if/when I ever meet some of these folks.....boy, will I have a blog to write then!
These dreams, I am sure some will laugh about them, but for me the dream world can be just as real as the day world.......good and bad. So what kind of dreams have you had lately?


  1. Jilda, Thank you for visiting my blog! I've read your previous posts and you certainly are an upbeat person..someone who must be fun to be around! I can feel your creativity and your dreams are so vivid that you must have an active mind awake and asleep! I've been having dreams of relatives that are no longer living..strange? Maybe, but a bit comforting too. Have a great week!

  2. I'll write a blog about my mine. That waterfall sounds magical.