Saturday, February 26, 2011

Close Your Eyes

Day two, on the road......sleep, yoga, food, rehearsal, sound check......excitement.
The energy flows like a flooded river sweeping through my body, ready for tonight and all good things. For all those times I have encouraged you all to live the life you were born to live.......I am living mine these days. Yoga gives me peace and balance, music kicks life into overdrive and reminds me that doing what you love is fun.

Wish you could all be here......wish that we could come to all your towns and share our songs.
Maybe somewhere in the middle our paths will cross. This is an early post, I have a request....
send good thoughts, energy and love to me tonight......I send you back, gratitude and humble
thanks, hugs and much love.

Close your eyes, hearing me singing through the miles.


  1. Good thoughts, energy and love being sent your way!

  2. Winging it's way by the bucket load Jilda!

  3. Your hubby's post made me wish I was feeling the warm breezes, feeling some sun and sand, and yours just gave me a peaceful feeling and I'm returning that to you! Have a great time and a good show!