Friday, February 18, 2011

Ain't Love Strange

Ingrid ( my old volvo) was a little under the weather this week, let's say it was a transmission virus. But this morning I drove her down to the car doc and she is much better tonight.
Friends laugh at me about my old car......she is a 1996. But she has character, and I feel we have this weird sort of relationship......I know guys have love affairs with their cars, can't women?
In the words of the great Paul Thorn, "Aint' Love Strange"!

My dog Charlie, he is old and tattered and looks like Albert Einstein on a bad hair day. He and another dog, Dawg were abandoned......they were best friends and Dawg looked liked a big brown stuffed teddy bear with these big round eyes. Neither had been cared for, we carried them to our vet's, but Dawg was going to have to fight to survive. He did for a few years, and then one year just before Christmas we lost him. Charlie grieved for months, there are still times when he goes outside and it seems he is looking for Dawg.......he just walks back in and hangs his head.
Once again,"Ain't Love Strange"!

This morning on my way to the car doc's I saw a rooster sitting on the side of the road, as I got closer........he was sitting beside a hen. She was dead and he was just sitting beside her, so sad.....
"Ain"t Love Strange"!

Rick tells the story of covering a chicken fight for a newspaper article several years of the chickens appeared to have lost the battle.......the owner, gave the chicken mouth to mouth.
"Ain't Love Strange"!

I have known small children who were abused by their parents, you know the stuff, cigarette
burns to the legs, beatings, etc.......when those children were taken from their parents, they cried uncontrollably........."Ain't Love Strange"!

Love, people have died for love, lives have been destroyed, people have given up everything for it........"Ain't Love Strange".........but when it's good, there ain't nothing like it.


  1. Love is strange but according to Edna St. Vincent Milay, Love is not all.

    By the way, my 1996 RAM truck is named Edna.

  2. Love brings such happiness and sorrow. It is a strange thing.