Thursday, February 10, 2011

Inside Job

ok, I promise(well maybe) after tonight I will stop mentioning "Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting".
I can't help myself, the book is truly amazing. There is a workbook that goes with the book and yes, today my workbook came.......a quote in the workbook......."Happiness is an inside job."

Isn't it funny/sad how we search for happiness, our quest for happiness. We look for happiness
in our jobs, our relationships, and when we don't find it there, we look in alcohol, drugs, anything and anyone that we think will make us happy........and it's right there waiting, deep within us.

We think we will be happy, if we look a certain way, weigh the right number of pounds, have the right house, car, partner, job, bank account, just fill in the blank............we have all been there.
Yet happiness sits patiently waiting in our hearts, yearning for us to let it out, and we continue to look in all the wrong places.

Happiness is an inside job.......we think we don't deserve happiness, we're not worthy, we don't work hard enough, it's for other people,we'll never be happy. What a bunch of crap we feed ourselves! Happiness is there, since the day you were born, waiting for you to claim it, waiting for you to look within and see it, waiting................. for you.

I love to tell my friends to laugh out loud, it makes you feel great. Those few seconds when you laugh, and happiness is released. Fake a smile, and soon it is authentic, happiness sneaks out at any opportunity.

Happiness is an inside job.......we're too guilty to be happy, too angry, too hurt, too sad, too busy,
too.....we're really into those toos aren't we? Just remember this, happiness is an inside job.......waiting for you.


  1. Well Jilda, I ordered the book yesterday, I will have it on Monday so I am truly curious on how it will speak to me. At the same time bought a book in German by Sabine Asgodom, a lady who tries to teach German women that they are also worthy citizens. So I guess I will be rather busy for the next weeks. I will keep you posted with my thoughts in respect to the books.

  2. I see, feel and sense this happiness in me I just wish it did not speak to me in Greek. :)

    Great post!
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  3. Happiness is what got me through many years of having to deal with and take care of a sick husband. He was a happy man who made me one of the happiest women on earth. What more could a human being ask for. Now it's up to me to carry that happiness and pass it on. There are some periods where it doesn't happen but for the most part I am A Very Happy Person Inside.

  4. well, now we know from these wonderful posts
    that happiness is within us, and it is multi-lingual