Friday, February 11, 2011

Snow Angels

Snow this week, again!
Wednesday evening when I left work, flakes were starting to fall. On the way home, they fell faster and faster, they were bigger and bigger. Soon I couldn't see anything but swirling flakes that shimmered in the headlights. By the time I got home, the flakes were fat and wet and fluffy and the ground was a soft white blanket. You could not only feel the cold but smell it, and the silence was beautiful.
The next morning the dogs could not wait for their run. Blackie Bear loves snow as much as I do and as he ran into the field, he just lay down and started to make snow angels. He grunted with much pleasure as he rolled back and forth and snow clung to his coat like tiny little diamonds. The other dogs run in the snow, but Blackie Bear,
he revels in the icy cold, and makes every moment count. Even after the run, he would go out on the deck and just lay in the snow looking out at the field and woods, I wish I could give him snow every day!

There have been times that the pond down behind the barn has frozen......Blackie enjoys that too. Many times he has come home after a winter's swim with ice on his fur. On these winter days that most complain about the cold, he just comes alive.....his eyes sparkle, there is a prance to his walk, and his coat is thick and shiny. Tonight as always, he is lying on the floor snoring as I write this blog. Most of the snow melted today, but I bet he's dreaming of snow angels.


  1. Dogs have such diverse personalities! I bet he was a blast to watch!

  2. I have a German Shepherd that makes snow angels. And I thought I was the only one who noticed dogs make them too :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  3. Jules, I'll have to go back to check your blog to see if I can see a picture of your dog.

  4. Hey, nice to meet you. I loved the image of Blackie Bear frolicking in the snow in my mind, how sweet and funny!