Monday, February 7, 2011

Where Ever

Scattered energy, drama, stress.....interesting day. Don't sweat the small stuff, breathe and runaway train are all things that come to mind.....also, where is the love?

Ok, rant is over..... I feel much better now. This morning I left home to go for fittings for a fashion show I am in this week, it was fifty three degrees......I left work this evening at five thirty it was twenty seven degrees with twenty mile per hour, quick feet are still cold.

I have not modeled in years, this up coming show, what was I thinking????? When I was a hot young babe, no matter the gig, photo shoot, fashion show, etc, there was always the "mature"
model....OMG I am now the "mature" model. Life is insane, is it not? Somebody slap me!

Have you noticed there is still scattered energy and it is coming from yours truly? Believe it or not, as I sit here and write, I am finally able to focus and contain. My classes were interesting today, they were joyous yoga classes. Sometimes, classes are very spiritual, moving, calming.
But today, all the classes were filled with laughter and mirth. I like both types of class, and I think both types are needed, I have learned to let the energy flow as it will, like water.

I have rambled long enough, thanks for hanging with me tonight, I needed the freedom of just letting my thoughts go where ever.
Good night, Sweet dreams.


  1. Crapola. Don't you just hate being the "mature" one in the room?

  2. Belle, I never dreamed I'd be the "mature" one in the room!

  3. Why do you think that the terms "MILF" and "Cougar" are so popular. Because the mature women are the sexy, confident and beautiful ones... Now remember that and strut your stuff!

  4. you girls are funny :) (and do notice I haven't use the m word LOL)