Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Self Help

I started reading a new book today.......I think it may be another one of those life changing, shake it up, slap you in the face kind of reads. It was written by Lynn Grabhorn(who passed away in 2004)
the title, Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting. Chapter one has been amazing, she talks about what she calls "the physics of thought". There have been alot of books written about the power of our thoughts but she is taking it deeper, past the thoughts into feelings. I can't wait to have a little more time so I can read more of this fascinating book.

It makes Rick laugh, this obsession I have with self-help material. Years ago, he was reading
all these self-help books and ok, I admit I laughed at wasn't that I didn't understand or value what was being said or written, but honestly the approach that many writers and lecturers took was just, shall I say too over the top for me. After being reared in a fundamentalist church, the last thing I wanted to hear was excitement and emotion to motivate me. Wayne Dyer proved to be the answer for my baptism into self-help. His books spoke to me, they made sense, I connected to the spirituality of his writings.

I have to admit, I have read some books, that even though they were best sellers, I thought they contained a little snake oil in their approach. But there have been those that changed my life....
The Power of Intention, The Road Less Traveled, The Rhythm of Life, Way of the Peaceful Warrior, As A Man Thinketh, The Prophet, these are just a few that stopped me in my tracks.

I am still working my Course In Miracles, it is not easy, delving inward is not fun, but I think I am progressing in a backward sort of way. It will truly be interesting to see where this course takes me, and what my thoughts will be come next January when I complete it.

To some all this reading, this study of self and thoughts might seem self-indulgent and a waste of time......but I believe with all my heart we, each and every one of us, we are here for a reason.....
we come into each other's lives for a reason........I keep reading, I study, I want to learn as much as I can, so that in some small way, some where, some time.......I might possibly help someone.


  1. I think knowing yourself is very important. You are right, we can help people better when we have dealt with ourselves.

  2. unto thine own self be true.
    There is nothing more important that being real.

  3. The Road Less Travelled and I'll See It When I Believe It (Dr. Dyer) are my favorites.