Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Define Friendship

For some reason friendships have been flowing through my brain today. I kept thinking, define friendship.....I have a lot of different friendships......each one brings something different to my table, yet there is a common thread. I have friends who are wealthy in material possessions, those who are not, friends who have power and those who laugh at power. I have old friends, new friends and those who may not have been in my life very long, but our souls have always known each other.

My friends are my most valuable gifts......and along the way I have lost some.......some passed on to another life, and some for whatever reason, moved on to other friends. The one thing that I have tried my whole life to do is never use a friend, and never take a friend for granted. If I did either of those, it was unknowingly.

For me, spending time with my friends, whether it is down on the river, out in the back yard,
at the beach, in the mountains, playing music, listening to music, telling jokes, crying because of loss or joy, sharing a meal, being there when needed, it is all good. My friends have been there when I was sick, there for me in loss, and celebration. They have given me hugs, and kicks in the rear when needed. They have called me when I am down, seen me at my worst and best. They have cheered for me, laughed at/with me, and rattled my cage. Never will I be able to repay what some of them have given me........some I will be indebted for life.

I thought about today, how fragile a friendship can be and just like any relationship, if taken for granted, if used, it just won't last. Sometimes a friendship just can't survive the ups and downs of life, the differences, the passing of time. I mourn those lost friendships, but I understand some are for moments, some are for a lifetime.

Some friendships are toxic, like a bad love affair, while others much like falling in love, bring out the best, encourage you to be great, and make you feel wonderful.

There is a new kind of friendship in my life now, my blogger friends.......most I will probably never meet, we too share a common bond. We laugh together, cry, and share......we are amazed that there are others like us, and just like good friends we celebrate and tolerate our differences
or just move on to another blog!


  1. Lovely post. I value my blog friends highly since I spend my time with mostly family. It is wonderful to get to know people.

  2. So well spoken Jilda. And so very true!

  3. You will probably laugh Jilda but somehow you write about how I feel ... Thank you for verbalising my thoughts.

  4. Well isn't that the truth. Friends are like jewels in the crown of one's life and you can never have too many.

    Beautiful post.
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow