Saturday, February 19, 2011

Do What You Love

I love live radio! We did a fun show tonight at the Bull Pen/Old York Opry. A packed house, great food, and we had a wonderful gig! Our friend, Skip Cochran joined us on stage in a singer/songwriter song swap. Wish you all could have been there.....Fred Miller does the best sound in the world, you rock Fred!

Doing what you love, takes life to a whole different level. There is pure joy in doing what you love.
And just as I have talked about for the past few weeks, like energy attracts like energy.
Speaking of energy, it takes a tremendous amount to perform on stage and I am one tired camper.
I am tired, but full of joy.........right now I wish I could sing for all of you......and then I would like a group hug.

My friend who played with John Denver always says do it for the fun.......he's right. When you look at the audience and see them listening, when you see the smiles, sometimes the tears, feel their energy.......well you know why you had rather make music than just about anything else.

I am so ready for sleep. Love to you all.
Good night, Sweet dreams.

here's the chorus to a song that Rick and I wrote called Do What You Love:

"cause when you do what you love
and love what you do
all of your dreams can come true
if you started right now,
it would not be too soon,
to do what you love and love what you do"

May you all do what you love!


  1. Awesome post. Glad it was such fun. Sleep well.

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  2. I love the Jim Croce line, "There never seems to be enough time / To do the things you want to do / Once you find them..."