Thursday, February 24, 2011

Finding Stillness

Finding stillness.......why are we so afraid of stillness? It is what our bodies and our spirits crave,
yet it is the last thing that we want to give them. In yoga we teach that we do the asanas(the poses) so that we may be still. I had a student who told me last week after his first yoga class, that it was the first time he could ever remember being still. I think we have become a people of frenzied energy, energy that is like sparks from a sparkler flying in all directions......bursts of energy that do nothing except drain our lives.

It happens often in my classes......that statement about stillness, over and over I hear it. Each time someone says it, I smile.......because I know once they experience stillness......they get it, and will want it again. Often I am told, " I don't have time to do yoga for an hour every day" reply...."you don't have to". Honestly, first thing in the morning, sit still, breathe, then begin to slowly stretch, now maybe two or three yoga postures, end with five more minutes of breathing.
You have spent ten minutes on a life changing experience.

I read a really sad article in the Birmingham News this week, it said that Alabamians are the
worst couch potatoes in the country. That is not the stillness I am talking about! Not lethargic
stillness, with shallow breathing, and mind racing......that is slow death.

Breath, movement and stillness brings life and health........brings joy and peace........helps you to reach the life you were born to live. It stirs the creative juices, builds confidence, and shines light when the darkness is trying to swallow you up.
Breathe, move and find are worth it.


  1. I work one night a week at my hubby's Chiropractic office. Many times patients fall asleep during therapy. They are sometimes surprised or even embarrassed. I just smile and tell them it's OK. It's probably the first time all day they have stopped, taken time to let their bodies slow down and actually try to heal. I attended a yoga class some years ago..I fell asleep during the relaxation part of the that was embarrassing!

  2. don't worry about that Yaya, I have folks who fall asleep during relaxation every get what your body needs.