Sunday, February 27, 2011

Perfect Joy

This kind of tired is's the kind when you have worked hard at what you love.
This weekend was a success in many ways. We built confidence, made new friends, honed our performing skills and spent time with old friends.

During the past three days, very little sleep, not a lot of food, even though there was incredible food all around. I eat very little before I sing, and eating alot of food after ten at night does not work for me. I run on water and adrenalin and the energy of the audience. We stay up late because you're so wired after the show. I figure I will crash Tuesday or Wednesday.......tomorrow is back to reality. Four classes back to back, more practice and daily routines to keep.

Isn't it amazing the things that we love, those actions that inspire us to keep on keeping on, how we push ourselves to accomplish that which we deem is our passion? What is it about we humans, where does it come from......that stirring within our hearts that drives the creative energy.

Honestly, there have been times in my life when I thought I would never sing again......I would tell myself to let it go, that it was not important, there was a time when because of ill health I thought I would never sing again........but how do you stop doing something that you have done your entire life,that must be in your DNA? I have sung since I was a small child, not even school age.......and trust me,
there are so many out there better than me.......but I am me, my voice is different, it is very much me.

Pleasure and joy, pure and simple that is what singing gives me. It is a connection to spirit, it is like being plugged into the power house of the universe and that energy fills every cell of your body. When that connection is made, nothing else, not even time exists. It is the present.

That is my wish for all of you, find that which gives you perfect joy. Even if it is only an occasional experience, claim it, hold it dear and know that you deserve it. Let yourselves
experience that vibration of energy and be grateful for all that it gives you. I wish that I could hold your hand and let it flow from me to you.....all I can do tonight is share my words, wish you peace and pray that you find your joy.

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  1. A very inspiring post Jilda! Happy you had a wonderful weekend!