Saturday, February 5, 2011

High Frequency Feelings

The Beach Boys sang about Good Vibrations, doctors, motivational speakers, shamans, and self-help writers have all spoken or written about them.......studies done in the past and ongoing look at the vibrational frequencies of human energy. The book I am currently reading, "Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting" takes the theories to a whole new level.

Lynn Grabhorn, spent much of her life studying energy and feelings. Her book for me is the key, that I had searched for after reading books such as The Power of Intention and The Dancing Wu Li Masters.
Lynn speaks in simple every day language about the power of thoughts, and even better the power of feelings. She talks about vibrating at a high frequency, flat lining and low frequency.
Low frequency feelings and thoughts are those of anger, fear, worry, hate, anxiety and depression.
When we allow ourselves to dwell on those feelings and thoughts, we take ourselves into a vortex of the very things we don't want, we attract those low frequency energies and spread them like a virus to those around us.

Flat lining is day to day mundane feelings and thoughts, which if we don't elevate throughout the day will eventually lead us to the low frequencies.

High frequencies are those feelings that are like those magical rushes, when every thing is right.... think about your perfect day at the beach, or skiing, or capturing the perfect moment in a photograph, how great you feel.

For the past three days, I have been practicing high frequency feelings......on my way to work,
when I take a walk, I think and allow myself to feel, to remember the feelings of amazing moments that have taken place or those that I am waiting for. At least fifteen to thirty minutes per day I have been doing this and the results......... I feel better than I have in months, I have energy to spare, and incredible events are taking place....... a gift that came out of the blue from a dear friend, bookings that just happen, it has been magical. Now for years, I knew in my heart that we get the things we think about, even if we don't want them(Wayne Dyer) but concentrating on thoughts and feelings is truly taking it to a new and incredible level.

Grabhorn says letting your self experience the feelings makes the difference..........say you want a new automobile, Lynn says, first picture what you want, then begin to feel the way the car drives, the smell of the interior, how you look driving the car, how you feel driving the car, the color, how great the stereo system sounds........truly begin to feel the experience your new car.
Don't question, the money issues, the how, the what, the where......let yourself feel, the excitement of having the new vehicle, planning a trip, etc.

Call me wacky, but all I can say........for me, these past three days have been life changing.
I'll keep you posted.


  1. I agree so much with what you wrote here. When I am waiting for someone, or have some down time I conciously try to think positive thoughts. It has made a huge difference in my life.

  2. This book sounds Awesome & exactly what I too believe in. Going to put it in my Amazon cart right now. Thank you for always sharing Great stuff like this!

    Hope you're having a Wonderful & Warm weekend, Jilda!!
    Coreen xoxoxo

  3. Merci! Grazie! Danke! Gracias!
    I found this very post about the book "excuse me,your life is waiting" and went out and got this book. It's phenomonally helpful in explaing vibrations and the law of attraction. It's not so esoteric that you can't understand what's being discussed. Thanks. If it hadn't been for you I wouldn't have ever heard about the book.