Sunday, June 6, 2010

Whine Transformation

Ok, it is June in Alabama, I can now officially began my whine of summer. It is9:46pm, and it is 81 degrees here in Empire, Al. with humidity at around 75%. Yes, everything is green and lush, the flowers are blooming, our garden is thriving, but until you have lived here in June, July, August and usually September, well you have not experienced summer in the south. Today when we walked,
our labs would not even walk with us! The heat, comes on gradually, at first, you walk outside and think, oh it's warm and then, just like Crystal Hot Sauce, it gets warmer and warmer. The first 10 to 15 minutes, it's warm, but tolerable and then the humidity begins to envelope you. You notice there is stillness, no breeze......and then you realize your lungs are straining to get oxygen from the moisture laden air. You're drowning, and you're walking through the woods! So, there is sweat, but it does not evaporate from your skin, then there's the heat, and the gnats, walking becomes quite the adventure. We have had friends from the north, (like Nashville) and beyond who visit once during the summer and tell us they will be back in maybe November. Once we had friends who came to visit one August from New Hampshire, they stayed about an hour and decided to drive north again! So, I think it is fair that I began to whine, and after all it is only a whine that will last about 3 months. Maybe not that long, I am going to Colorado in a few weeks, I hear they have nice summers. Rick may get lucky, my summer whine may go away soon.

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