Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Transformation of Fingers

Guitar playing does strange and wonderful things to the fingers. All those years that I wanted long beautiful nails, mine would never grow! Now, it seems they grow an inch every day and I am having to cut them every morning. The tips of my fingers on my left hand now have thick calluses and there is much more strength in my hands. Interesting, exciting, and scary, lots of hard work, quite a few tears, a few days of depression, is it worth it? You bet it is, I just want to become a good solid guitar player, that can keep up at a pickin' party, not embarrass myself or Rick or anyone else that we play with! I am a very long way from flawless, but it is sounding more like music and less like cats mating. Long practice session tonight, and I am a tired camper beginning to see light(or hear music) at the end of the tunnel. Good night and sweet dreams to you all.
Remember, it's never too late to listen to your heart and follow your dreams.

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