Saturday, June 5, 2010

Foreign Lands

I have to renew by passport. I keep watching movies about Greece, I think I need to go there.
I love history, and I guess other than Iraq, Greece offers ancient history at its finest(and probably safest). I love rocky coasts, and crashing waves, old ruins, and people who have lived in the same place for centuries. Greece has been a place that I have dreamed of visiting since I was young, tops on that list was Ireland, then Prague, then Greece and Australia. Dreams of Ireland came from
knowing in my heart that was home, the other dreams came because of books and stories that I had read. I read about the sun bleached rocks and shores of the Greek Isles, of the food, and the music. And of course, the myths, and all the stories of Greek Civilization. It seems that the Irish and the Greek people learned their lessons well, that a good story, using your brain would serve you well through the ages. The birthplace of democracy, and the Olympic games, I really would like to go there. And Prague, well I want to go there for Christmas some day. To walk down those streets where beautiful ancient buildings stand, with snow flakes falling all around, to enter some majestic old church for Christmas eve service, that would be quite a Christmas. So if anyone out there would like to have a couple of American singer/songwriters come for a visit to Greece, or Prague, or Australia, just give us a call. As for Ireland, I keep hoping to see our friends there sooner, not later. First thing though, I have to renew my pass port. The first step in any transformation is usually a small one, like getting your pass port.

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