Wednesday, June 30, 2010

No Resolution

Have you ever had a conversation with someone to resolve an issue? Not an argument, just dialogue, with the intent to reach some sort of agreement about the issue. You sit there for a couple of hours, maybe there are two or three or more involved, everyone speaks their mind, or so it seems. It is as though just the release of saying your thoughts is all that any one really wanted.
Once the air is cleared, everybody gets up and walks away........and nothing is settled. It is quite interesting, I see it pretty often, it's not the resolution that people want, it is just to be heard, the opportunity to speak their mind, get it off their chest, and then it appears all is well and good.
In the end, nothing has changed, no goals, no guidelines, no earth shattering decisions, I find it fascinating. The more I study the Tao, the more I find answers in day to day living. There is a verse that deal with this, and basically it comes down to recognition. The Tao really nails it, it seems the people who want the least recognition get the most, while those who want the most, get the least. One author who worked on the translation said it simply, shut and listen. We live in a world that moves fast, and we are bombarded by radio, tv, cell phones, computers, and larger than life personalities
Maybe that is why, there is so much speaking with no resolutions, peace talks, with no peace
discussions with no answers. I am trying to speak less, listen more, and bless those who love to talk.

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