Friday, June 11, 2010

Taylor the Dump Dog

Thru the years, we have had such an assortment of dogs. Big ones, little ones(well not really many) cute ones, mostly not so cute, actually dogs that no one else would want come to our house and know that they are loved. Right now, Taylor the Dump Dog, yes Rick found her at the dump is sitting by me as I write this blog. She has an eating disorder, she is almost blind, and deaf. But she is a sweetie, she looks like the RCA Victor Dog, you know the one who sat by the phonograph and looked so sweet and loving. She weighs around a 100 pounds, loves to be petted and talked to, and will eat you out of house and home if given the chance! I cannot imagine anyone dumping an animal on the side of the road, but out here in the country it happens pretty often. All of our pets have been the ones that no one wanted, except for Buddy, and my mom gave him to us before she died. We have great dogs, with distinct personalities, quirky mannerisms and sweet dispositions. What else could you want in a dog? I mean really pedigree is just something that matters when they breed, right? So we have Taylor the Dump Dog, Charlie(who was abandoned by neighbors) Blackie, who was abandoned, Astro, also abandoned and Buddy who was willed to us. We are so lucky to have such an interesting group of critters, they meet me every day when I come home from work, they let me know how much they have missed me and how glad they are to see me. If I have a bad day, they know, and sit by me, and let me know that they love me no matter what! Everyone should be so lucky! So tonight if you have a pet, give them a hug and a treat, tell them how glad you are that they are in your life and be grateful that you have a creature who loves you no matter what.

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