Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Learning to Live Like Water

Verse 8 of the Tao, speaks of living like water( very loosely paraphrased here) for me that is as difficult or maybe even more than being in the now. Water flows, it takes the path of least resistance, yet it has tremendous force and strength. It is life giving, sustaining, yet can take lives.
War have been fought over water, humans are mostly water, and nothing is quite as good when you are hot and thirsty as a glass of water. I love the phrase, "go with the flow" it sounds so easy.
You know, just go with it. But it is so HARD to do! When I think that I am going with the flow, at some point, I begin to feel as though I have lost my spine, that I have become a doormat in the front door of life! Where is that place? where you can flow, yet be strong. Where you flow around the tough places, or go over them, and still remain fluid. Where you can be yourself, yet adapt to the confines of those around you? Every time I read the Tao, I realize I know nothing. Tonight, especially, there is emptiness and nothing, I wish I knew more, I wish I had answers, I wish life was easy. I am not the teacher right now, I am the student, the empty vessel waiting to be filled, hoping that maybe soon, I live like water.

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