Monday, June 21, 2010


We harvested 50 or so pounds of potatoes, yesterday. I picked squash today, tomorrow,
peas, beans, and blackberries. This year we have had quite the bounty of good things from our garden. Some years are lean. Last year, there were no pears and few apples, but lots of peaches.
This year, one peach, but looks as though the apples and pears will be plentiful. I love supplementing our table with what we grow, I think it would scare the begeebies out of me if we had to live on what we grew. We could do it, the good thing is Rick and I would both be really skinny, because there would not be lots to eat, but what we had would be really good. I love the thought of eating seasonal. Like in the summer, mostly fruits and vegetables, and in the winter,
squash, nuts, sweet potatoes, turnips,etc. I think it is a very healthy way to eat and we have tried to eat seasonally for the past few years. It works, you feel better, have more energy. I cannot imagine not growing food. I have pots of herbs on the deck, and to walk out back and pick a cuke off the vine, or ripe tomato, well that is just heaven. Even if you live in the city, you can grow tomatoes in a planter! Grow a citrus tree in your living room, food you grow just tastes better! So, grow some food, taste something really fresh, enjoy your personal bounty.

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