Thursday, June 10, 2010

Summer Storms

Last night we had an amazing summer storm, not the scary tornado kind, but your thunder and lightening pouring rain variety. For about a half hour before the rain came, you could see the flashes of lightening, almost constant energy going across the night sky. At first there was thunder in the distance, but then it descended like drum rolls until the dogs were going crazy! Buddy, who sleeps at my feet, well once he hears the first clap of thunder, he squeezes between Rick and I and there is no budging him until the thunder moves to another county! Once the rain started, I thought what a great night to sleep, but those flashes of lightening continued, one after another and of course there was the thunder. At some point there was a strike near us, our phone made the ding sound that it always does when lightening hits a nearby tree or transformer, I jumped, and of course that made Buddy go into a frenzy! But finally, the fireworks settled down, and the rain poured and sweet sweet sleep came to Buddy and I. When I was a small child, I was terrified of storms, I would always run to my sister's bed and climb in with her, and then beg her to tell me stories. She probably doesn't remember that, but I loved hearing those stories, I always fell asleep, so I am not so sure about the endings. I just know that climbing in bed with my sister on those stormy nights, hearing her tell the story of Billy Goat Gruff is one of my favorite childhood memories. Telling Buddy a story is not an option when it storms, but he does like to have his ears scratched!

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