Sunday, June 20, 2010

Circle of Life

My nephew Haven and his wife Alesha had a beautiful little baby boy last night. He is tiny and perfect, as all babies are. I can remember when Haven was born, on December 21, 1980, my brother Ricky and his wife Deb, brought him home in a Christmas stocking. We have lived next door to Ricky and Deb for 30 years, we have watched their children grow into adults and now they all three have children themselves. The circle of life keeps on turning. I have thought so much about my dad today. He loved his kids, his grandchildren and would have adored all these great and great great grand kids as well. Whenever anything good or bad happens, I miss my mom and dad, because I miss sharing smiles and tears with them. It seems so appropriate that a new baby came into our family this father's day, it softened the emptiness of not being able to call and tell my dad Happy Father's day. I know daddy would have loved to have held little Anthony this evening, and maybe in some strange and mysterious way he is. I know the circle of life has turned for all us today, for our family we received a new life, for some, they lost a life. For all of you, where ever you are in the circle tonight, may blessings of joy and peace come to you and yours, and know that life is a circle, it keeps on turning.

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