Thursday, January 2, 2020


I had the crud back in October, it stayed with me a couple of months or so.  Last night after we went to bed, pain hit my cheek bones, I felt feverish and suddenly I noticed my throat hurt.  This morning I realized the crud was back with a vengeance. Yucky is the only way I know to describe how I feel.

I went to work in the pouring rain and taught my pain management class.   By the end of class, I knew my mistake was not staying home.  I left and did not teach the remaining two classes.
I have called the ENT, but this stuff is rampant. Hopefully I will hear from him by tomorrow.

At work, today people were constantly complaining about the rain.  Even with all we have had, I can't complain.  We had a drought this past year.  October 1 our temp was 100 degrees and now I see our friends in Australia are in the throes of heat, drought and fires.  I wish I could send them some rain, that the heavens would open up and water would fall from the sky and quench their parched  soil.

Be kind tomorrow, let's make this a kind year.


  1. Yes, we should never complain cause it could always be worse. Rain compared to draught is always better.

  2. I am sorry you are feeling yucky, I hope you feel better soon