Sunday, January 12, 2020

Sunday Night

It's a little strange to be saying this, but I have been painting Christmas cards today.  All these 40 some odd years I have painted cards I never really kept any.  I have many that we have taken pictures of through the years, so I am recreating a few of them for the exhibit.  I do have a friend who has framed many of the ones I sent her so I am going to see what she has tomorrow.  I admit I am getting a bit nervous about this.

One of our best friends mom passed away today.  We will drive down on Tuesday  morning for her funeral.  They live in South Alabama so we will hit the road before dawn.

May this week bring peace and kindness to all of you.


  1. Great idea to have taken pictures of your cards! Good Luck with the exhibition!

  2. Painting this cards over again would be difficult I can never paint the same thing twice Each has a uniqueness about it. Sad start to the week with a funeral, keep good thoughts and think positive.

  3. I couldn't paint anything even in the days when I didn't shake

  4. Painting individual cards must be a personal pleasure. I would bet most of your cards are kept by the recipient for a very long time. SWEET.