Friday, January 3, 2020

Not A Dress Rehearsal

Still raining, how I wish I could send some of this rain to Australia, how I hope we won't need it this summer.  Last summer was brutal for us, heat and drought.  I think Earth is sick and Mother Nature is begging us to take better care of this place where we live.  We humans have taken and taken and given little back, we have littered and destroyed and I think because of our greed we are about to pay the piper.

I look around where Rick and I live.  There are places that are so beautiful they take your breath.  Yet the road sides are littered, our precious Mulberry River is dead, and we humans continue to take for granted this pale blue dot we all call home.  We are an interesting species.

My crud is better today, a visit to the doc and meds have helped.  Years ago, I always thought that stuff would just go away with time.  I learned hard, life threatening lessons because of that mentality.
Today, I don't wait and see.  If I have any symptoms of infection invading my body I see the doc, sooner not later.  An immune system that barely functioned showed me how foolish I was,  and how fragile life could be.

I hope your first weekend in 2020 is going well.  Be kind, hug those you love, laugh out loud...this is the real deal, not a dress rehearsal.

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  1. So true, we need to take care of the earth and ourselves too. it i the real deal.