Monday, January 20, 2020


Walking out of the community center tonight the wind came out of the north, cutting and cold.
It is 28 degrees right now, and will drop to around 20 by morning. It is brisk and invigorating.
I wish it would snow.

I don't think the reality of cutting back my work week has hit me.  After all today was a holiday, tomorrow will probably be a bit different.  I keep looking at my vision board, a reminder of what's important for me now and moving forward.

A cup of hot tea is waiting, enjoy your week.  Be kind.


  1. Nothing like a cup of hot tea on a cold day to warm you up and rest only time will show the benefits of cutting back on work. I do hope you enjoy having more time for what you want to do.

  2. I think cutting back would take some getting used to, seems to be cold there, just saying

  3. Your temps are about the same as ours. If I lived down South I would want snow if I have to have cold temps! Enjoy your semi-retirement. I'll watch you and see how I should handle mine in July!