Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Tuesday Thoughts

So I have been doing serious house cleaning these first two days of semi-retirement.  For me creativity flourishes when things are in order.  I think the dogs are really happy I have been home more.  It still seems I am just on vacation, I think week two or three will give a truer picture of how things are really going.

I love this cold weather.  Our morning walks are invigorating.  The heat and humidity makes me feel wilted, the cold gives me energy and I can breathe so much easier.  Now if it would only snow.

Tomorrow is my brother Ricky's birthday.  He is 22 months younger than me.  We have lived next door to each other for 35 years.  His kids have keys to our front door.  He is Jordan's Papa.
He is the spitting image of our dad.  There are days when he walks up the hill to our house and I stop breathing, he looks so much like daddy.  If he thought you needed it he would give you the shirt off his back and ask if you needed anything else.  He is a good decent man.  I am proud to say he is my brother.  I will call him early in the morning and sing happy birthday.  He is always the first to call me, just like our dad was.

I hope this week has brought you kindness.  Tomorrow I hope you laugh out loud.


  1. Your brother Rick sounds like quite a wonderful guy. Happy Birthday to him!

  2. Happy Birthday to your brother ! How nice he lives so close by. I've always thought that people we love shouldn't ever live so far away. Most of my children moved far away and celebrating birthdays is always a long distance occasion. You are blessed.