Saturday, January 11, 2020


We made it through the storms today safe and other than limbs blown off trees, all is well here on the farm.  In communities south and north things were not so good.  South of us in a small rural community, three people were killed, north of us a school was damaged and at the Birmingham airport, planes were damaged.  I can't remember our fall/winter storm season ever being this active.
Every few days we face another round of some sort of severe weather,  the weather guys are saying more to come mid-week.

On a good note, not even half way into January and we have opportunities for music gigs.  I also got a call yesterday and was asked to submit a sampling of my painted Christmas cards for a local art exhibit starting January 28, ending April 17.  I am beyond excited. 

To be honest limiting my schedule at work had un-nerved me a bit.  I had started to fret, thinking why did you do this?  But in the meantime I had also been sending hopes and dreams out into the universe for more artistic opportunities in music and art.  With my work, I give 100 percent physically and emotionally four days a week.  I felt  that my creative side was being choked, that a part of me was dying slowly.  When I created my vision board a month or so ago, everything on it pointed to creativity and travel.  My soul was screaming at me.  I truly was giving myself out.

I see so many possibilities now.  I will continue to work one day a week.  I will continue teaching yoga at the community center but there are other doors opening and I am ready.  I knew that becoming one dimensional was unhealthy, yet I continued  on that path.  Allowing all sides of who I am to thrive again will make me a better human, of this I am sure. Changes are scary, but good.

May we all be kind tomorrow, to ourselves and each other.


  1. Sounds like it will be a wonderful 2020 for you. Change is good.

  2. I do try to be kind to others and myself not always easy as I like to beat myself up.....
    I am not good with change