Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Treatment # 34

It was a good/bad day today.......treatment #34......almost three years ago, my first time in that big green chair.  I remember it like it was yesterday.  The side effects ( or serum sickness) started almost
immediately, they are still going strong......though the change of brands, the slowing of the drip, and the addition of fluids this past month has made them milder, but more frequent .

I actually got sick in the chair today.... for the first time, my nurses saw what I had talked about for these past 34 months.  How quickly it hit amazed them.

My chair buddy Louis gave me a wonderful surprise today.  He had called over the weekend and told me that he wanted to take Rick and me to lunch after my treatment today.  The surprise, he had actually cooked lunch for was wonderful.   He is an awesome cook......we had cornbread, squash, string beans, potatoes, slaw, meatloaf and banana pudding.  Wow, it was a feast.

I say it often, the best thing about the green chair.......the friends I have made.  Louis has become  a member of our family, his friendship has been a gift.  One of our nurses is getting married this winter, I hope that Rick and Louis and I can make it to his wedding.  It will be wonderful to share his happiness on his big day.
 The photo was made at Louis's house today, after treatment.
His home is as warm and loving as he is......I am so grateful that the big green chair brought us together.


  1. What a nice thing for your friend to do..and what a nice photo too! The lunch sounded delish, but when something is made with love you know the taste will be fabulous! I wish you and Louis good health and a nice long friendship!

  2. Oh wow, what a nice story. I know Louis is equally glad to call you a friend! I'm glad for your good part of a bad day.

  3. What a special friend you have. A real nice photo of the two of you.
    Prayers so you both get well again.

  4. Lovely post. New friends come into our lives in the most unusual ways.

  5. Sounds like you and Louis are living in the moment, what a gift to each other.