Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Big Day

We were lucky last night......just 4 inches of rain and wind.  Towns nearby had damage, are still without power, and one woman lost her life.  Living in a tornado alley has made us well aware the dangers of Mother Nature and her raging storms.  We take our advisories, and warnings very seriously.

What a difference a day makes.......yesterday 87 degrees, today mid-sixties.

Rick took our great nephew, Jordan to the library today.  He is only six, but reading around 5th grade level.  Jordan got his first library card today and lost a tooth.  A big day for a six year old.
Though it is difficult to see, he is holding his tooth.......he is expecting a visit tonight from the Tooth Fairy.  Of course, she always leaves a surprise at our house for him too.

I am off tomorrow,  will watch my class, take my test, and do my homework and get a haircut.......busy day, but hump days are always busy.

Goodnight, Sweet dreams

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  1. The tornado news always scares the daylight outta me, since so many people whom I love live in the alley.
    A busy day (like today) makes the rest of the week worth it.