Friday, October 17, 2014

Another First

Another first for Jordan today........he watched his first live parade.  Our local high school's homecoming was tonight,  the schools closed at 11:00am so all the kids could line up on the sides of the street and watch the parade.  It was true American hometown all the way........led by the majorettes, flag twirler, local police and the band.  There were floats with beauty queens, the cheerleaders, and football players.  There were fire trucks and motorcycles..........lots of noise, and candy being flung to the waving crowds.  He loved it and scooped up enough candy to last until Halloween.

Tomorrow we bake spooky cookies and decorate with all sorts of sugary toppings.  We are also planning a fall festival hayride for Jordan and his cousins and a couple of his friends from school.
It's not until November 1, but for Jordan and his mom it has become the event of the season.
Their plans keep expanding, as does the will be fun.

There was a tiny downside today......the serum sickness hit me on the way home.  Just as always, 9 days after treatment.   Lesson gotta take the good with the bad.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams

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  1. This brings back vivid memories of my high school days! Great times!! You're also making special memories for Jordan. How special for him (and you)! Hope you're feeling better by now.