Thursday, October 23, 2014


Skeptics.......every day I have them walk in my class, sure that when they leave they can say I told you so.  Many of them are in our trauma group or chronic pain group and they just can't imagine that yoga  could  help them in any way.

Monday, I had two that came.......they have spread the word.  Today, I had another one who came because his friends who came on Monday, raved about the class.  I just have to smile.  One of the new guys asked me Tuesday what type of yoga I taught.......I told him, "Jilda" yoga.  It is true, when I began teaching at an addiction center, I realized that I had to fine tune the classes for our population.

I searched out, yoga training classes that would be most beneficial to our patients, I studied breath work, meditation, somatic movement,  and now nutrition........I studied yoga for PTSD ( Yoga Warriors), my intent was to become the best teacher I could be for our program.

It has paid off, all the "skeptics" who came this week left smiling, vowing to come back for every class.  I remind them that when they go home, yoga classes will be different, but if they search and are honest about their intentions, they will find a teacher and class that they meets their needs.
My students told me today that they had told one of the doctors that I deserved a raise......I laughed,
they all know how much I love teaching......I told them I appreciated their thoughts, but I doubt if they helped to secure a raise for me.

This has been a most interesting week, full of good things......yet also full of stress.......we have a fun gig tomorrow night, looking forward to it.  I hope your Friday is full of good things and good news.