Sunday, October 5, 2014

October 5

Homework is done, yoga blankets are washed, house is reasonably clean......ready for a new week to begin, even though it is a treatment week.    First full week of October, and the color is beginning  to show across the hills.  More rain to come later in the week, I like that.....rainy and cool, much like Ireland this time of year.

The golden rods are in full bloom, we have seen a couple of v's of geese......yet there are still humming birds dropping by the feeders.  Seasons tend to over lap here in Alabama, slowly spreading from one to the next. It can be breath taking to see Zinnias three tall in brilliant colors standing next to a patch of golden rod.

I will share with you all an interesting website that I have been using in the class I am taking.
PubMed is a great source of thousands of published medical papers that you can read.If you have questions about a disease or medication you should find the answer there.  I will warn you, these are medical papers and some can be complicated but I have found it extremely interesting.

Sending you all blessings for the coming week, The Hunter's Moon will be in full glory on the 8th, a great way to mark the middle of the week.  Peace to you all.

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