Thursday, October 16, 2014

As It Should

I have always said that in each class I teach, those who need to be there are there.......sometimes every mat is taken, some days only a couple.  Today for the first class, only a couple of guys came......but it was their day.  They were both interested in meditation......we talked for a few minutes about ways to meditate and then we did the deed.  We spent 10 minutes in meditation......they thought it was two or three minutes.

Afterwards, we did a little yoga practice and then savasana......when class was over, one of the young men hugged me.  He told me, that today it clicked.......the meditation, the yoga, the savasana.
It had been a difficult week for I needed to know that what I was doing made a difference to someone.  It was obvious that everyone got what they needed today.

It's interesting, how when something is needed, if we are will come to us.
The doubt, the struggle, the want of control.......when all of that stuff is happens the way it should.  I hope that tomorrow, you all let go of the stuff.......and your life happens as it should.

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  1. This is so true Jilda... giving up control is the key... once I do, I always wonder why I held on so long... I love when I've had a day where everything seems to click as you stated ;-)