Monday, October 13, 2014

Early Post

This is an early post for is a stormy Monday, so far lots of trees and power lines down.....and the weather guy says the worst is yet to come.  Fingers crossed, he's wrong.

This is the price we pay for 87 degrees in October.  But, the good news, more autumn like weather will visit us tomorrow after the storms move through.

It was good to be back teaching today, my classes were great......just sorry I had to cancel my community class  because of the weather .  I truly do not want my students in harm's way.

So, if you live east/north of us here in Alabama....batten  down the hatches....rain and wind is coming your way.

Stay safe, warm and cozy.


  1. Stay safe and I hope there will be no damage at your place.

  2. I hope the storms pass quickly and don't do too much damage, Jilda. Blessings- Diana

  3. They say rain and storms are coming to us too...nothing happened today but it was a bit warmer! Hope you are safe and the storms pass quick!

  4. I hope you stayed safely inside... some of the those rainstorms can do real havoc...