Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Out of Sorts

Some days are just out of sorts days.......nothing you can put your finger on, or describe or even blame......just out of sort.  Today was  one of those.  Not a bad day,  just out of sorts.
A new haircut, a new hair stylist.....all is well.   A four hour class, a test and home work.....all is well.

Still that sensation of edge.......treatment was a week ago today......there is limbo for about ten days afterward.....waiting to see if the dreaded serum sickness hits.   So far.....all is well.

Ingrid ( my 1996 Volvo) might be on her last leg.......we are going to look for new transportation this weekend.  It is hard to think about driving a different vehicle, she has become part of the family.
She looks great, but her transmission is beginning to act a little slow and was rebuilt a few years ago......losing her.....will be tough.

Hoping that a good night's sleep will sort everything out.......

Goodnight, sweet dreams


  1. We said a sad farewell when Jack's '96 van bit the dust 2yrs ago....sometimes it's just better to let it go! I know cars don't have souls, but I was sad to see her being towed away! Good luck with finding a replacement and I hope you continue to feel good.

  2. Sorry about the old Volvo but a new vehicle is good....
    Making new friend with a younger model might take getting use to but it won't take long.

    Give it a name and soon you'll be the best of friends.
    Good luck.

  3. Any vehicle named Ingrid will always stay with you in one way or another. Volvo is a great car. We had one once.