Tuesday, October 28, 2014

I'm Back

I had a bout with the dreaded serum sickness last night, so sorry about not posting.  I had sat down to write and within seconds, was very ill.  Some days my transformation is just dealing with the unexpected illness and side effects from IVIG.  Thankfully tonight has been much better....I am back.

It has been in the 80's for the past few days, fall did a quick visit here in Alabama and then quickly decided to visit some other place.  The weather guys swear she is coming back this weekend.......we shall see.

This is another week at work where there are goodbyes and hellos being said.  New students in class, full of fear and confusion, others are leaving full of fear and excitement.  Each of my work days is a roller coaster of emotions.  I see transformations in many different ways working at an addiction center.  Some are heart breaking, when divorce papers are served or someone loses their job while they are trying to get their life back on track. But, often I see smiles on faces that haven't smiled for a long time......I see the rosy glow of health and a sparkle appear in the eyes and a spring in steps that were slow and heavy when we first met.

Family and friends often ask why I continue to work when I am often so sick......it is simple, I believe that what I do, what I teach helps......not everyone, sometimes no one.....but there are those that get what I teach, and it is life changing for them. That is why I work, why I teach, on those days that are brutal for me.  But I also have learned to slow down and that life changes, the path changes and there will be a time when my path takes a turn.  I pray for the wisdom to know when to take the different path.

Tomorrow is hump day, Friday will be here before you know it.........I LOVE HALLOWEEN!


  1. I am sorry to hear you were ill... I think you should work if you are feeling like teaching helps... I think that is wonderful xox

  2. Glad you're feeling better. Your work must be really rewarding. The students are lucky to have you!

  3. I hope you're on the upswing side of things. It's like chemo, it's a feel bad then feel better kind of roller coaster.
    Wishing you healing.