Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Treatment #30

Treatment # 30........some days are just blurs, others imprinted on my brain......the infusion room is an other worldly place full of every emotion you can imagine.  For those who only come for a yearly infusion or maybe to be treated for dehydration, they seem a little confused by the camaraderie of the old timers like myself and Louis.  Laughter is important in those big green chairs, tears are a given,
hugs are greatly appreciated.

Kindness overcomes the fear that is often felt in those big green chairs......that's why I love our nurses so much.  No matter how harried, how busy they are........there is always kindness.  I pray for those nurses way more than myself.......they are the glue that keeps us together, the glue that holds hope in our hearts.

The green chairs were busy today, as soon as one emptied, it was filled......illness is big business.
I wish we could do away with that word illness,  and replace it with wellness.  Wellness, that is what we strive for, that is what we all want. rolls off the tip  of the tongue so easily, while
illness sticks in the back of the throat.

Taz and Calliou know when it is treatment day......Calliou won't leave my side, Taz takes awhile to warm up, to welcome me back home.....and then she doesn't leave me.

I missed being outside was warm and sunny ( we have had rain almost daily for over a week).  This evening before sunset, we did walk down to the garden and I picked blueberries sweet and tart, eating as many as I put in the basket......#30 a lot of treatment, a long time, a game changer for ever.


  1. Yes- a long time-but you did it AGAIN. That big green chair is YOUR ticket to feeling well. I can't imagine what it is like for you (in your inner being) but I do understand, from working in the hospital, the mechanics of what you go through. God bless you- xo Diana

  2. You are strong Jilda... you pray for the nurses... I pray for them too but I pray for you and others having to undergo treatments... Get lots of rest...