Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Human Connection

Writing songs, performing, teaching yoga.......there are so many common threads in what I do.
All involve emotion, connecting, and communication.......all involve a tremendous amount of energy.
Last night we played a wonderful gig in Montgomery, the end of the show a gentleman came up to me with tears in his eyes and tried to talk to me about one of the songs that we performed......his words would not come out.

We got an e-mail from him this morning......and in the e-mail, he expressed what he could not say last much our song, " I Consider You Home" meant to him.  He had experienced tragic loss, and the song came about because of loss......our honesty in song, connected with gave him hope.  That is not the first time, someone has come up to us at a show and talked about the connection they feel with our songs.  I hear the same things when I teach a yoga class.

When you know what you are doing touches hearts,  you know you are on the right know you are  on the right path.  Many years ago, we thought our music might bring us fame and we know, it has brought us something so much better.....human connection.
Last night at the end of the show, we got a standing ovation........I'm not sure a million dollar check would have made us feel any better.

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  1. It is so nice to hear you had such a wonderful experience. ... I hope there are many more in your future Jilda :)