Saturday, June 7, 2014

Happy Birthday Daisy

A couple of months ago, we were at my nephew James' house and I ask his little girl Daisy  what she would like for her birthday this month ( she turned 7 today).   Daisy told me she wanted a bikini.....her mom and dad gasped.  Daisy is a smart little girl, she knew the one person in the family who would buy her a bikini would be Aunt Jilda.  Yep, for Daisy's birthday today, she got a sweet little pink eyelet dress and you guessed it....... a bikini.  She was a happy child.

It was just a small family party, with her cousins slipping and sliding on the slippery slide. Giggles rang out across the neighborhood......nothing like a watery slide and freshly mowed grass to make kids happy.  Throw in a pizza and a few juice have a party.  I know there are people who spend untold dollars for their children's birthday party, but I can promise you......none of them had more fun than Daisy and her cousins did today.  Jordan had reminded me every day this week, "don't forget Daisy's party, don't forget to buy her a gift."

So that is how I spent my Saturday, on a deck, eating cold pizza, watching a bunch of little kids have a great time.  I had a great time too.  Happy Birthday Daisy.

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  1. Kids don't need all the hoopla some families seem to throw for them...a simple party is so much more fun for them and the parents! Sounds like the perfect day! Happy Birthday to her name!