Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Pieces of Life

A day to sort things out.......I have decided that I have some personal belongings that I would like to pass on to some of my nieces now.....so that I can delight in their joy of receiving.....rather than wait for the grim reaper to appear and have things that meant something to me tossed aside.

I actually started this little project last year, giving away some of my beloved vintage jewelry pieces, that will continue also.  It's not that I am planning on leaving the universe any time soon, but
futures are unpredictable and while I have today, I should make the most of it, right?

As I have gone through some of my china, and kitchen wares, a tea pot collection and assorted
pieces of pottery, it has been a day of reflection and memories of where each piece came from and who, and where each piece is going.  I have loved each piece, and I hope as I pass these things on,
they will continue to be loved.  Next will be my cookbook collection, that will be a hard one to go through......I so love my cookbooks.

Letting go of pieces of one's life is difficult and strange.......but I have my memories and I hope that these pieces will continue their memory path with their new owners.  This has been a transformation with many layers.

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  1. I always tell my kids that if there is anything they really want to please tell me. I'm cutting down on many things also...like my Santa collection! I have a ton of cookbooks too and I last year I gave a bunch of my Christmas ones to family. It can be hard but it can be very "cleansing"!