Sunday, June 8, 2014

Envy and Regrets

Rarely am I envious of anyone or anything.......but......when I hear people talk about their travels or trips they will soon be taking......I am envious.  From a very early age I dreamed of traveling....of far away places like Australia, and India, of Egypt and Paris, of England......I dreamed about seeing places near and far.  I thought that as I grew older, all of those traveling adventures would come to pass......and I have seen a fair amount of places in this country and I have been to Ireland, Canada and Mexico.  Rick's family had a reunion today, and his cousin talked about her travels, how much her daughters loved getting their passports stamped, of the trips they had planned.

There was a part of me that was thrilled that she and her family got to see so many places, but there was a place in my heart that sank like a stone......and envy wrapped me in cold green blanket. All I could do was stand and smile and wish her happy travels.  I talked about traveling so much as I was growing up, my dad nicknamed me Gypsy.  I think many times he wished that he could afford to send me on those trips I dreamed about, the places that he and I talked about visiting.

I think about the quote that I posted a few weeks back, about regrets........that it was not the things that we did that we regretted, it was those things we didn't do.  Rarely am I envious, rarely do I think about regrets.....but tonight I think about my regrets, and all those places I never visited.

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  1. It is hard to hear when others do what we dream of doing ...even though we are very happy for them, it is still tough to hear..

    Jilda, I think the same thing sometimes but I am going to keep dreaming about those far away places, something might change, who knows :)