Thursday, June 12, 2014


Today's classes were how to use yoga to help with anxiety......once again, breath work is everything.....but, it's the exhalation.  If you have ever experienced anxiety, or stress or worry you know it is difficult to take a deep breath.  Don't fret, concentrate on the exhalation more than the inhalation.  Think about keeping the exhalation controlled, that will help to bring calm to the nervous system.  Slow controlled exhale, will lower the heart rate and the respiratory rate as well.

We did simple basic asanas, things like seated simple twist, an assisted modified tree, legs against the wall and supported fish......all with slow gentle breaths and controlled slow exhales.  We did breath work with folded blankets held against the chest or tummy for comfort and  assurance.

Many of the students had grief counseling yesterday,  the anxiety and drained emotions  were almost unbearable for them today.  This simple class with its breath work and easy poses was just what they needed  today.  I love it when students get up from relaxation with smiles on their faces.

Tomorrow is Friday, more rain for us......I hope the sun is shinning as bright as the full moon is tonight for all of you.

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  1. Every time I visit you and you talk about yoga I feel like you are calling me by name. I KNOW I need to check into this! xo Diana