Thursday, June 5, 2014

A Singer's Singer

I have watched the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame show twice in the past few days........all the musicians that were inducted were awesome (they should be to be inducted) but I watched because my vocal hero, Linda Ronstadt was inducted.

I listened to her from the very beginning with The Stone Ponies, one of my top five most loved songs is one that she recorded.......Long,Long Time.  I loved Linda Ronstadt because she put her heart  into every song she sang, I loved her because you could understand every word she sang, I loved her because she was the girl I wanted to be.  I loved her because there was substance to her voice.  Each time I heard her sing, I felt her power and confidence.

I had Heart Like A Wheel on vinyl.......I wore it out.   I had it on a cassette tape, .......I wore it out.

I saw her open for Neil Young in Tuscaloosa.  She came out on that stage barefoot......and with the first song, she held the audience in the palm of her hand.  Probably most in that audience came to hear Neil Young, and he was great......but honestly, I went to see and hear Linda.

It broke my heart when I heard a few months ago that she could no longer a singer myself, I felt agony and remorse for her.  I cannot imagine having that voice and never being able to use it again.......that must the most cruel joke ever played on a human.  I feel sorry for those who never heard her live.  Having Parkinson's must be like a sentence in hell for anyone, but when I think about her voice and the fact that she will never sing again.......that is true sadness.

So, if you never listened to her, or never had the opportunity to see her.......check her out on U TUBE.
She did every thing from country, to rock to Broadway.  She is a singer's singer.



  1. Jilda... I love Linda Ronstadt,,, I grew up with her, I adore almost everything she wrote... I am so sad to hear she is not able to sing, I am so out of the loop... I will definitely listen to some of her songs this weekend...

  2. I, too, have been planning to listen to some of her"oldies" since hearing her diagnosis. Guess I'd better do that today!