Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday 13

Friday 13th and a full moon........there must be some really good energy , because I have felt better today than I have in the past few weeks.  The moon was beautiful last night, but the clouds came back this morning and we will be lucky to see the moon tonight.

I finally got the kitchen painted has taken me days.  I can remember when I could have painted it in half a day.  Our kitchen is very small, but my energy levels have been very low.  The house has not been spruced up in fifteen is time for serious spruce up.  Who knows how long it will take to paint the great room and the bedrooms........but, slowly I will get it done.
How I miss those days when I could do anything and least I can still do something.

Father's Day weekend.......23 three years have passed since my dad died......and I still miss him.
Wishing you all a weekend of summer fun.

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  1. sweeeet!!!
    do you follow each other?
    let me know!