Monday, June 2, 2014

Fun With Sugar Sprinkles

I am taking this week off......just needed a little break, and then of course there is treatment Wednesday.  Jordan spent the day with us......a first for him, a visit to Home Depot......six years old, and you could see the magic of Home Depot fill his eyes.  He kept pointing to tools, saying things like...."uncle Rick and Poppa Rick need these."

After the trip to Home Depot with Jordan and Rick, I felt the need to lower the testosterone level in the house so I made cupcakes.  Jordan LOVES to sprinkle sugar sprinkles on cookies and cupcakes, and we always get a little wild and crazy. You can see how much fun he was having in the picture.

I needed today......I still get antsy about treatments, and this will be number 30.  It helps to do fun things before them.


  1. It's good that you have a fun day before... I hope treatment 30 goes well ;-)

  2. Hello Jilda, Just wanted to say hellooooo!
    May you have the best day ever, and the best summer ever, and the best everything ever!
    Yours, Miss Roxy