Thursday, June 19, 2014


Abundance, we hear that word and many of us think about money.......true abundance is so much more than money.  Abundance is friends, who are there when you need them.  It is always having enough food and a roof over your head.  It is good health.  It is work that you enjoy.  It is serving others. It is family, who love you and respect you.  It is knowing that gratitude brings joy and that letting go of guilt changes your life.  Abundance is sharing your talents.  It is treating everyone you meet with kindness.  Abundance is never expecting a thank you, yet being gracious when one is given.
Abundance is living the Golden Rule.  Abundance is sharing the wealth, helping those who need help.
Some of the poorest people on earth live an abundant life.  Some of the wealthiest are the poorest when it comes to abundance.  This might not be Webster's definition of abundance......but it is mine.

My wish for all of you this Thursday abundant life for all.

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  1. What a beautiful post. I love your porch.. I mean, hello? it's gorgeous. The visitors are so special though!! Thanks for sharing.